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Neuromuscular Disease Foundation Honorees Dr. Argov and Dr. Rosenbaum

The Neuromuscular Disease Foundation will be hosting a Black and White Ball on October 14th. to honor two doctors from Israel  Dr. Argov* and Dr. Rosenbaum**. These doctors have done significant work in the area of Gne-Myopathy.  The NDF will also have a fundraising at this event to help towards funding a cure for this disease.

Please share this link of the event to help us to increase the awareness and funding of Gne-Myopathy.

 Professor Argov’s main focus of research has been in Jewish hereditary neuromuscular disorders. He first described the seminal features of GNE myopathy in Persian Jews in 1982. Thirty years later, in association with Dr. Stella Mitrani-Rosenbaum, they identified the gene defect in HIBM.  This prolonged collaboration has done much towards understanding the mechanism of GNE myopathy (HIBM) and in developing ways to treat it. 
 Dr. Mitrani-Rosenbaum is widely known for discovering the gene responsible for GNE Myopathy (HIBM) in 2001.  Her lab is now dedicated to research on this condition, and continues to study targets for potential treatment

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