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A More Functional Sleek Designed Wheel Chair With Reviews From Gizmodo

Finally, a wheel chair is coming on the market with functionality and "good looks" for people with disabilities.  I feel this company has done it's research in how people could more effectively use a wheel chair that assists in maintaining proper posture, ease in getting up, and sitting down. I had the pleasure of meeting one of it's founder and I am impressed with their vision to create this chair. Check out the wheel technology and the turning radius.  I do not know the cost for such a chair yet and if and when Medicare will cover it.  Please feel free to contact the company.
Best wishes to all my readers.  May your light continue to shine.


Type-A is classified as a non-medical device. So, people will need to buy WHILL Type-A out of pocket... We plan to receive FDA clearance with our future model and already got started with it.

Review of this chair by Gizmodo

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